Vote Dawn PARRY

Congresbury & Puxton

When Will Our Land Stop Being Exploited?

Why are our villages losing fields and open spaces to developers across North Somerset? 

We need decent, vocal strong representation by Cllrs in North Somerset. I believe I will be more vocal and will make a bigger impact on this issue than other candidates. 

My Views On Housing Development in Our Villages.

Central government has rushed through a housing 
policy based on a failed algorithm. It is forcing vast 
numbers of homes to be built in and around our 
villages. The developments are inappropriate, 
unsustainable, expensive and not built where they’re 
needed or wanted. The demand is from Bristol. We are 
being exploited by developers and central government 
to give up our greenbelt, our clean air, our precious 
delicate eco-systems, protected wildlife and our rural 
village identities.
We have two Conservative MPs covering North 
Somerset yet they have been completely ineffective in 
looking after our local interests. It is their government 
who has placed us in this situation. They talk the talk 
about achieving Climate Emergency targets but there 
is no Passive Housing policy restricting developers to 
build only super high energy-efficient homes that are 
cheap to heat. And they are impotent in their 
protection of our environment. I will be vociferous in 
my campaigning as your Cllr to stop all over-
development here. I will call for smaller, sympathetic 
developments with strict energy-efficiency criteria 
complying with Passive Housing technology in areas 
they're needed. And here's something that I believe to be sensible, sustainable, will easily create housing where it's wanted and that will breathe life back into Bristol where the restaurants, cafes, food outlets, bars and pubs have suffered terribly over lockdown - it may sound radical, but how about we turn all those empty offices in the City of Bristol into lovely affordable apartments and maisonettes to provide housing where many young people especially, want to live and where there is employment and great infrastructure and public transport? 

Just a common sense thought...